The Floorball Meeting Münster is the major Floorball small court event in Germany. It is THE event at the end of the German season. This time we are looking for the new champion. ‘WANTED the next Floorball Meeting Winner’ our wild west themed tournament we be held from June 1st to the 3rd 2018.

This year the Floorball Meeting will have one more court. Therefore we will be able to play a last sixteen round and quaterfinals. We have 6 courts, 4 of them will be located in one hall. The two other courts will be a short 5-minute walk away. We expect up to 50 teams to participate in this years Floorball Meeting.

The Floorball Meeting will be held under the rules for small court of the German Floorball Federation.

Board and lodge

The same procedure as every year… On Saturday and Sunday morning we will provide you a large breakfast selection. For dinner on Saturday we will make a great barbecue, with a larger range as in former years. The delicious “Damhues Bratwurst” will remain as tradition.

You can choose for your stay to camp in your own tent at the beautiful green behind the sports hall or you can sleep inside the hall.


The participation fee amounts 31€ for each participant, but leastwise 192€ per team, if you transfer the fee unitl April 02, 2018. After this date it will be 37€ per participant, leastwise 222€ per team.


This year we arrange a player’s party. Read our upcoming news to find out more about the details.