After tumultous weeks with a temporary cancellation of the meeting, we are happy that we can do the biggest small field tournament in Germany again in 2019!
This year, we want to meat many team’s wishes. Out theme will be the 90s with the Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, Blümchen, old Gameboys and Buffalos.
Between the games we try to make the waiting times short and entertaining!
Teams dressing up as Furby, Scatman John, Pikachu, or Joshi are highly encouraged! Like every year, we award the best-costumed team again this year!
So far we have not been able to persuade the Venga Boys & Mr. President to perform, but the music won‘t disappoint anyone. We are also in negotiations with the Gitarrenmenschen. Maybe they will do a 90s special for us J.
The startingfield and the number of courts have been changed a bit: we will only offer 3 courts.
We will start with 24 men’s teams and 6 for the ladies. Otherwise, nothing changes.
It is played according to the Kleinfeld rules of Floorball Germany.
We look forward to seeing you!


Board and lodge

The same procedure as every year… On Saturday and Sunday morning we will provide you a large breakfast selection. For dinner on Saturday we will make a great barbecue, with a larger range as in former years. The delicious “Damhues Bratwurst” will remain as tradition.

You can choose for your stay to camp in your own tent at the beautiful green behind the sports hall or you can sleep inside the hall.


The participation fee amounts 36€ for each participant, but leastwise 216€ per team, if you transfer the fee unitl April 02, 2018. After this date it will be 43€ per participant, leastwise 258€ per team.


This year we arrange a player’s party. Read our upcoming news to find out more about the details.